Vibiz Research

Who is Vibiz Research?

Since 1990, Vibiz Research is a research organization that delivers financial, marketing, management, and regional research and analysis to companies in Indonesia. Vibiz Research provides its clients with actionable, accurate, and tailored research to suit its client’s goals, in any kinds of industries, circumstances, and conditions. We are committed to provide our client with results that they can act upon, using the best data and information.


We are experts in delivering feasibility study research, market research, operational research, and research related to Indonesia.

Our Expertise

Feasibility Study

Research to find how feasible an investment is.

Study about Feasibility

Feasibility research is the research on how feasible is an investment, and how to act upon it. Read more

Market Research

Market research is a research to discover potential market opportunities.

Discover your customer and market

Market research is a research that is aimed at your customers and targeted customers to find potential opportunities or hindrances.

Operational Research

Provide research on efficiency, accuracy, and the profitability of your operation.

Creates Efficiency and Accuracy

Research that is aimed to discover how your operational activities will affect your profitability, efficiency, and how to act upon it.

Indonesia Research

Discover investment and other opportunities in Indonesia.

Indonesia Research

Indonesia have major opportunities for investment, with its vast natural resources, vast untapped market, and vast tourism opportunities.

Why Choose Us

      • We provide accurate research with the best price.
      • We provide comprehensive analysis and possible follow-up solutions after every our research.
      • We have partners and experts in all kind of industries.
      • We are experts in research.

Contact Us

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+6221 29034321